• MID: Invites Sealed Bids For the Provision of Shipping Services

MID: Invites Sealed Bids For the Provision of Shipping Services



Type : Notice
Date : June 15, 2022


Invitation For Bids

Provision of Shipping Services: 

Contract FSS – MID15/22   CTB C16/22 – Lot: FR1 Temotu Outer Islands

Contract FSS – MID16/22   CTB C16/22 – Lot 2: FR2 Ontong Java and Ndai

Contract FSS – MID17/22  C TB C16/22 – Lot 3: FR3 Sikaiana

Contract FSS – MID18/22   CTB C16/22 – Lot 4: FR5 Rennell and Bellona

Contract FSS – MID19/22   CTB C16/22 – Lot 5: FR6 Makira Weather Coast

Date: 19thApril 2022

Grant: Grant- Domestic Maritime Support (Sector) Project

Deadline for Bids: 6th July 2022 @2.00pm (local time Honiara)

The Government of Solomon Islands has allocated grant towards the Franchise Shipping Scheme Project (FSS).

Part of the proceeds of this grant will be used for the provision of subsidized shipping services to remote areas.

The terms and conditions of the contracts and payments will be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of the SIG’s procurement guidelines.

Bidding is only open to bidders from eligibly ship operators of Solomon Islands.

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID),represented by the Permanent Secretary MID (the Franchisor), now invites sealed bids for the provision of shipping services to the following locations:

FR1 – Temotu Outer Islands

FR2 – Ontong Java and Ndai

FR3 – Sikaina

FR5 – Rennell and Bellona

FR6 – Makira Weather Coast

The services consist of the provisions of passengers and cargo shipping services to specified call points at the locations nominated above.

The voyage frequency is one (1) voyage per month for routes FR1,FR2,FR3 and FR5 and two (2) voyages per month for route FR6 Makira Weather Coast.

The contract period for each contract is one (1) year.

A voyage subsidy will be paid by the Franchisor for each completed voyage for which the Operator provides a service in accordance with the contract.

Bidders will submit a bid for their required voyage subsidy for the contract for which they are bidding.

National Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with SIG’s Single-Stage: One-Envelope Bidding Procedure.

Only eligible bidder’s with the following key qualifications should participate in this bidding:

Bidders with one (1) year of experience operating a passenger and cargo vessel in the Solomon Islands:

Bidders nominating vessels having the minimum safety certification specified in the respective bidding document for the contract: and,

Bidders nominate vessels having the minimum safety certification specified in the respective bidding document for the contract.

For lease / Charter vessel, bidder shall produce a original letter of intern from the ship owner including the charter/lease cost.

Vessel minimum passenger and cargo capacity and vessel safety certification classification are as per table.


1.Franchise Route: FR1Temotu Outer Islands

Cargo (tonnage):  100tonnes

Passenger Number: 75

Safety Classification: Near coastal


2. Franchise Route: FR2  – Cargo (tonnage):  OntongJava and Ndai

Passenger Number: 60 tonnes

Safety Classification: 75


3. Franchise Route: FR3-  Sikaiana

Cargo (tonnage):  40 tonnes

Passenger Number: 50

Safety Classification: Near Coastal


5. Franchise Route: FR5 – Rennell Bellona

Cargo (tonnage):  60tonnes

Passenger Number: 50

Safety Classification: Near Coastal


6. Franchise Route: FR Makira Weather Coast

Cargo (tonnage):  60 tonnes

Passenger Number: 50

Safety Classification: In shore


To obtain further information and to inspect the Bidding Documents, bidders should contact

Mr Mike Qaqara

Franchise Shipping Scheme Manager

Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Melanesian Haus Building

Mendana Avenue, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Tel No: (677) 21322

Email: MQaqara@mid.gov.sb

To purchase the bidding documents, eligible bidders should:

Visit the office of the Franchise Shipping Scheme Project located in the Melanesian haus Building,

CPIU of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Mendana Avenue, Honiara after paying a no-refundable fee of SBD200 by cash or bank draft payable to Solomon Islands Government at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development Head Office, Mendana Avenue, Honiara or Ministry of Finance cashier.

Request delivery by sending a written application to : The office of the Franchise Shipping Scheme Manager, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, PO Box G8, Honiara, requesting the bidding document for the contract.

The application must include a Bank draft payable to Solomon Islands Government, for the amount of SBD200 (domestic delivery) or USD$50 plus a USD$75 prepaid air-courier bag for

All bids must be comprised of one (1) stamped “Original” and one (1) “copy”, each of which should be inserted in an envelope and all two envelops placed in a larger outer envelop.

The outer and inner envelops must bemarked only with the contract number and the contract name.

Bids for separate contracts must be placed in separate envelopes.

All bids must be delivered to the following address:

The chairman, Central Tender Board

Receiving Tenders cashier Counter 5, Ground Floor,

Ministry of Finance & Treasury

Mendana Drive, Point Cruz

Honiara, Solomon Islands

On or before Wednesday 6th July 2022, 2:00 PM LOCAL Solomon Islands time.

All bids must be accompanied by the bidder’s Business Profile and a Bid Securing Declaration using the form provided in the bidding document.

Bids will be opened immediately after the deadline in the presence of bidder’s representatives who choose to attend at The Leaf Hut, Central Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Mendana Avenue, Point Cruz, Honiara. Late bids will be rejected.

All prospective bidders are invited to attend the pre-bid briefings to be held at the CPIU Conference Room, Melanesian Haus Building. Mendana Avenue, Honiara Solomon Islands starting at 10.00 am on Wednesday 22ndJune 2022.

The CTB is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid. Failure to comply with the bid instructions may lead to disqualification of the bid.

Any attempt by a bidder to influence the award of the bid in their favour will cause automatic disqualification and may lead to criminal proceedings.

Stephen W. Maesiola

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Infrastructure Development

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