Waimapuru N.S.S Connects with Satsol

Waimapuru N.S.S Connects with Satsol

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IT is a significant challenge to get connected to the internet when it comes to remote location and the demand for users to access appropriate, accurate, updated and reliable information.

On the other hand, a proper management system is a must to carter for control of users and management of the usage of internet.

Satsol plays a major role in the successful implementation of a project to connect Waimapuru N.S.S. with a Broadband speed via satellite with a download speed up to 60Mbps and upload speed up to 20Mbps.

This package is a monthly data at top speed with 295 GB.

There are 5 hotspots mounted in the campus with a coverage of approximately 80% of campus compound.

This has boost the internet access for both students and staff.

Mobile devices, laptops, wireless portable devices and desktops can now be connected with ease from the classrooms, administration block, dormitories and Staff houses.

Sunday Isles was informed by Irwin, the Satsol Technician who did the installation of the system that this is the first ever school project with a wide range of network coverage.

Senior students and staff are given individual accounts to access the internet with a proper management system that control users and manage the usage of the internet with proper filtration of information.

According to the project manager Mr. Donald Vahimae, both the students and staff are excited and are currently enjoying the services provided by Satsol. The internet is fast, reliable and affordable.

He said that this is a major breakthrough as the school has been facing the challenge with the limitation of accessing the internet for the past years.

“The performance of the hotspot network coverage will be evaluated as time and usage progresses and soon be upgraded for more efficient and effective access to the internet,” said Mr. Vahimae.

The launching and handover of the project completion is scheduled for this Saturday 18th of June, 2022 at Waimapuru National Secondary School.

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