Veronica Makes a Profit Selling Fashion Accessories Online

Veronica Makes a Profit Selling Fashion Accessories Online

Online retail entrepreneur and So Glamorous owner, Veronica Kealau.


VERONICA Kealau from the Ontong Java Atoll in Malaita province has told SOLOMON WOMEN how she started her online business selling quality brand fashion accessories to local customers in the Solomon Islands.

Veronica, 31, started her small online retail business called So Glamorous, Fashion and Accessories’ in 2019. The business specializes in the selling of new and affordable brands of fashion products like wallets, sunglasses, bags, dresses, collared shirts, jewelry, accessories, and much more.

Fashionable pearl earrings and necklace available to purchase at the So Glamorous online retail business in Honiara.

‘So Glamorous’ products are posted and available both on Instagram and Facebook with hundreds of local followers on both.

Veronica operated her online business at home and often provides a mobile delivery service for her products to customers in Honiara. Her fashion and accessories products are now available. And she has plans to expand even further.

Colorful and fashionable artificial frangipani flower available to purchase at the So Glamorous online retail business in Honiara.

“My husband would travel by bus (public transport) to deliver the products purchased by our customers to their homes or offices,” Veronica, who also works as a public servant at the Office of the Solomon Islands Prime Minister and Cabinet said.

She says the idea to start the business came to her after she got interested and hooked on the profit-making ideas and benefits of online retail business.

Fashionable wallets that suitable for female customers available to purchase at the So Glamorous online retail business in Honiara.

“I was rather inspired by reading online success stories of individuals who have made fortunes and profits from starting up an online retail business.

“Nowadays, I can see that selling products online is more popular than ever and with that idea, I opted to venture into it with the basic understanding to earn extra income to support my fixed salary to support my family.

“Running a small online business is not an easy task, the journey to success is full of uncertainty and rough patches.

Modern island style collar shirt available to purchase at the So Glamorous online retail business in Honiara.

“You might struggle to generate a viable idea or sustainable income, but all these can intimidate you to quit your small business, but there’s always a better option of not giving up,” she told SOLOMON WOMEN.

Veronica reminded interested individuals in the country who wish to venture into online businesses that selling online involves more than setting up social media platforms (like Facebook and websites) and uploading product images.

“To be successful, an individual needs to have passion, expertise, and marketing skills. The good news is, there are numerous tools to help individuals set up an online business. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about selling goods online with an e-commerce business.

“Taking up such online business responsibility is not an easy task, individuals have to be dedicated and committed with a good, proposed plan to encounter whatever may come their way,” the mother of three pointed out.

Veronica orders her top brands and eye-catching non-consumable fashion and accessory products from Australia, Samoa, Kiribati and Fiji.

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