‘Rest, Just Rest and Creatively but Carefully Check out the Gardens: Fisherman

‘Rest, Just Rest and Creatively but Carefully Check out the Gardens: Fisherman


PEOPLE love fish and often at times, the hard work of Fishermen were disregarded and overlooked.

The Trade of fishing is no easy task. But some families in rural areas in the Solomon Islands are depending on it as a source of income to buy basic goods such as sugar, salt, and soap.

Karamui Bugotu who hails from the Solomon Islands Longest Island, Santa Ysabel has been in the Fishing trade at a very young age. His mother used to sell fish to sustain the family with whatever little income she earned.

Now with the declaration of La Niña and the associated bad weather conditions, that comes with, Karamui said it is not an excellent time to fish. He said however, it depends on how bad the condition is. He said in his experience in the fishing sector, business will be very interesting because as was common in the country, when some parts of the country experiences bad weather, some parts will still enjoy good weather.

“That means if one can shift and be creative in allowing and using these good weather pockets at your advantage — it will be good for business,”

“Rest, just rest, and creatively check out the gardens (fishing grounds),” Mr. Karamui said.

Adding to the existing fear COVID-19 posed for fish vendors such as Karamui, Regional and Local Meteorological Experts have revealed that Solomon Islands are forecasted to experience higher than normal rainfall expected to last right through to the first quarter of 2021 which is from November 2020 to April 2021.

However, according to Harold Vilia, Fisheries Officer within the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, due to the push of the eastern pacific warm waters to the western pacific waters where Solomon Islands is located, large schools of Tuna will migrate into the Country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Mr. Vilia revealed that given the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic strains, the tuna fisheries sector is anticipated to be the main driver of the Solomon Islands economy while the country is faced with the uncertainties of the pandemic.

“We will be experiencing high concentration of Purse Seine fishing operations in our EEZ, high trans- shipment activities in Honiara and Noro, more revenue gained and many more direct and indirect benefits from the tuna industry,” Mr. Vilia revealed.

He further added that depending on the current La Niña period which is forecast to be through to the first quarter of 2021, Purse Seine vessels are now entering SI’s EEZ to search and check for tuna schools.

“Solomon Islands EEZ has been inactive with Purse Seine fishing operations in the past 3 years and revenue from the tuna sector was on a decline. For now, we are expecting a gradual upsurge of our revenue. Given the current pandemic, the tuna fisheries sector is anticipated to be the main driver of our economy while we race with the uncertainties of COVID- 19,” Mr. Vilia Said.

Whilst at the national level Fishing is looking pretty good with all the revenue it will generate, for Karamui in a much lower level in the fishing industry one will have to follow how he puts it, “Rest, just rest and be creative and careful when checking out the gardens (fishing grounds).

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