Meet the Woman behind the Eye-Catching Homemade Earrings

Meet the Woman behind the Eye-Catching Homemade Earrings


CREATING homemade jewelry is a hobby that Angelina Evon Salvo can’t deny engaging her talents, over the years.

She had been fond of making homemade jewelry through the influence of her dad, a passionate jeweler who advised her to start up an income-generating and creative business that specializes in homemade jewelry.

“My Dad was the first person that used to make necklaces then I started to learn some simple tricks from him. With a certain level of involvement, it became my passion from then until now,” the 35-year-old told Solomon Women.

Today, Angelina’s homemade jewelry like earrings is sold in various shops in Honiara City and Auki, the capital of Malaita province. Her products are sold at the Island Treasure Shop at Panatina Plaza, and the LF shop in Auki.

Solomon Women recently asked Angelina, why she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

“I have always loved working with my hands and was keen on learning homemade crafting for many years. It was in 2021 that I decided to start my small creative business.

“I do what I love with absolute passion, and not for money. Remember, it all started with an idea. The initial phase of starting my small creative business was quite tough but I continued to empower myself.

“My idea was not to be somebody but to be myself through self-discipline and to be ambitious with my short to long-term goals in mind – something I struggled to achieve over the years due to unemployment,” said the young entrepreneur from the provinces of Isabel and Malaita.

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