CHARLIE Physiotherapy Clinic Opens its Doors in Kukum

CHARLIE Physiotherapy Clinic Opens its Doors in Kukum


CHARLIE Physiotherapy, the newest physical therapy provider in the Solomon Islands with its clinic setup located at the Pacific Medical Clinic at Kukum, east of Honiara is set to offer possible rehabilitation and treatment services to local patients.

Physiotherapist, Charles Gauba told SUNDAY ISLES that since the country enters the supposedly Post COVID recovery stage, he has registered a privately owned ‘Charlie Physiotherapy clinic’ to help decrease patients’ muscle injury and joint pain especially to improve their functional mobility/strength and quality of life.

“I thought of establishing a physiotherapy business and with a little progression, we are now setting up in a room located at the Pacific Medical Clinic, east of Honiara (opposite Kwaimani building).

“My aim of establishing such business services is to treat anyone who needs physical therapy and rehabilitation.

“I believe with my vast experience and talent I can provide massage and therapy treatment to fresh and old injuries with natural special care since I want to help people to live a normal life without pain and suffering

For those interested in my services, please don’t hesitate to call me on 7472577,” Charles said.

Charles, 40, said that the number of qualified physiotherapists in the country is quite low compared to the mounting number of patients with severe problems related to muscle, back, neck, and leg pains and other physical complications.

He is a certified Physiotherapist after earning his qualification to practice from the school of medicine at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji from 1997 to 1998.

For now, his services are available and he welcomes any patients whether at their private homes or in offices who need treatment in Honiara.

With 22 years of successful experience in his practice as a Physiotherapist, Charles had been enabled to expand his skills and knowledge by assisting national athletes and teams representing the country at regional and international competitions.

As part of his expertise in physiotherapy, in 2017, Charles worked with the Aspen Medical healthcare clinic which supported the Regional Assistance Mission Solomon Islands (RAMSI) advisors, police, and military personnel from the 15 participating nations for 13 years.

He also worked under the supervision of Dr. Mark at the Heritage Park Hotel, providing services to hotel clients in the year 2018.

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